Introduction Trial Innovation Project (TrIP)

How can more representative older people participate in clinical studies? This has been researched by the IEMO Trial Innovation Project (TrIP) by testing various new and innovative methods.


ncreasingly, treatment decisions are based on evidence about the effect obtained from clinical studies (evidence-based medicine). But although older people are major users of healthcare, they are systematically excluded from such clinical studies. And the question is whether the evidence obtained in younger adults also applies to them: older people often have multiple diseases at the same time and are on average more vulnerable. Repeating all RCTs in representative older populations is not feasible. New strategies to obtain large-scale clinical evidence in the elderly are warranted. New technologies (such as internet, smartphones and home measurements) and alternative study methodologies provide a promising opportunity.

The research

Research has been carried out in various research groups throughout the Netherlands for 3 years:

  • could other study designs be developed?
  • could new technologies, such as smartphones and internet, be used?

AOn the basis of this research, studies can be set up in which more and more representative older people can participate in studies. This will improve the quality of their treatment.


The project was carried out by: Erasmus MC, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, UMC St Radboud Nijmegen, Maastricht University, Leiden University Medical Center, UMC Utrecht, TNO and Nivel. The IEMO coordinated the study. This project was made possible by ZonMw.