APOP handbook presented

After years of research and multi-center and multi-disciplinary collaboration, there is now a practical handbook describing the APOP-screening program. With this program, the APOP team shares there experience with developing and implementaing a screening tool and intervention for older people who visit the emergency department. The aim is disseminate this knowledge and experince, so that all other Dutch hospitals can benefit. The handbook is based on research that was conducted in four hospitals in the Netherlands: The Erasmus Medisch Centrre in Rotterdamn, Haaglanden Medisch Centrum (locatie Bronovo) in The Hague, Alrijne Hospital (locaton Leiderdorp) and Leiden University Medical Centre. The APOP Handbook was supported by a ZonMw grant under the program for Evidence Based Medicine in Older patients.

For more information, such as a PDF of the Handbook (in Dutch), links to the scientific research (English, partly open access) and intstruction videos (also available in English): go to Website APOP Study


Protocol IEMO 80+ Thyroid Trial

Subclinical hypothyroidism is common in older people and its role in health and disease in people older than 80 years is inconclusive. Some studies suggest that it is harmful, while other studies suggest benefits, making it unclear whether treatment with levothyroxine would be clinically effective. In this publication we present the protocol of the IEMO 80+ Thyroid Study in order to provide the necessary evidence base. The IEMO 80+ Thyroid Study was conducted double blind in different research centers, with people aged 80 years and older with persistent subclinical hypothyroidism being treated with either levothyroxine or placebo on a daily basis. During the follow-up period of one to three years, the effect of levothyroxine on hypothyroid complaints and fatigue was examined. Continue reading


Thyroid function during ageing

Recently we were involved in publishing a review article about the clinical aspects of thyroid function during ageing.

One of the most common disorders in older people is thyroid dysfunction. However, the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction in older people is hindered by several factors, including the scarcity of thyroid dysfunction symptoms in older people. The review discusses the physiological changes in thyroid function that occur with increasing age, as well as treatment considerations for clinical and subclinical thyroid dysfunction according to international guidelines for older people. Continue reading