About IEMO

The IEMO initiates and coordinates clinical studies in which more representative older people participate. At present, older people are underrepresented in randomised trials, as a result of which scientific research yields less representative results for the treatment of the multi-morbid or vulnerable elderly patient. In addition, IEMO is innovating clinical research in older people through the use of modern technology and by developing new methodology to carry out these studies. In carrying out these studies, the treatment goal from the patient perspective is an essential element.

Moreover, the IEMO encourages education for medical professionals about Evidence-Based Medicine for older patients and awareness of the aspects in which they differ from younger patients. Therefore, the IEMO developed an e-Learning and various animations. In addition, the IEMO organised the Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) conference in Leiden in October 2017, where (inter)national speakers shared their experiences and knowledge about the elderly patient in acute situations in the hospital.